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Global News For MX Members

11. Sat Nov 15 22:42:35 2014 EST
New Fast Start Bonuses

Today we are launching new FAST START bonuses for 5 of the MX business programs: MXF, MX1, MX3, MX7, MX9.


Click this link for the English video explaining these new bonuses: http://youtu.be/O_hbJXRWgo8


Last month we already introduced new bonuses for the MX500 business program.


Liebe MX-Freunde, ab sofort gelten zusätzliche Bonus-Zahlungen für die Programme MXF, sowie MX1 bis MX9.

Schaut Euch ein kurzes Video an, das ich aufgenommen habe: https://youtube.com/watch?v=XP1D3RX3waA

Viel Erfolg!


Say yes to success!

12. Sat Oct 18 20:35:14 2014 EST
MX500 New Bonuses For YOU To Earn Money Fast

The MX500 pay plan has been modified to make it EASY and FAST for you to earn more money. MX500 now has one of the world’s most lucrative and “easiest-to-earn-again-and-again-with no-extra-joining-fees-ever” pay plans.


MX500 is a 2x2 matrix with true follow-the-sponsor and e-wallet features. It costs a ONE-TIME payment of USD200 to join but you can earn up to USD635 for your first cycle and USD560 for all future cycles with ZERO extra fees to pay ever. And remember our “Year 2020 Commitment” to keep this business online at least until the year 2020 so that YOU and all our members can earn again and again and again.


To watch our videos explaining the new bonuses click these links:


ENGLISH:      http://youtu.be/2tjf68-6h5g
GERMAN:       http://youtu.be/nKHwvyL2uQg

HUNGARIAN:  http://youtu.be/gmIb6P0_7Vg


Say yes to success!

13. Wed Oct 1 11:57:27 2014 EST


From this moment on every ACTIVE MX500-member is in the referral-link-pool of this great instrument, so the system can take the referral-link from every ACTIVE member (with PAID membership) to get new members!

We will start 4 promotion-campaigns in English, German, Hungarian and Russian with the RANDOMIZER-landingpages and of course every new prospect, who comes to the RANDOMIZER or the MAIN-page of MX500 (without referral-link) will get a RANDOM MX500 member as sponsor to register.

Please note, that this is a very helpful feature for our FULL-PAID members and every FREE membership is NOT in the system and cannot earn money at all!

Here is the English RANDOMIZER landingpage with the new video. Watch it and UPGRADE your membership IMMEDIATELY, if you still are a FREE member of MX500, to have your referral-link in the pool of our worldwide RANDOMIZER: http://millionairex5.com/randomizer.php

Note: You could empower your downline and our business by promoting this link or the RANDOMIZER-video on Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. ONCE a week. On the other days you should promote your OWN referral-link.

Say YES to success with the new RANDOMIZER!

Janus Nowak

Techn. Admin

14. Thu Aug 14 23:22:49 2014 EST
MX Latest News


We have eight MX online business programs all with their own websites and "News" webpages: MX20 | MXF | MX1 | MX3 | MX7 | MX9 | MX500 | MXM.

So instead of posting the latest news multiple times, we just post the latest news updates to the MX MONTHLY (MXM) website "News" webpage.

Click this link to go there now: http://mxmonthly.com/news.php?ref=mxm



Latest News

Mon May 2 21:09:39 2016 EST
Great News For MXR Six Months Anniversary
Hello MX500 Members,   May 1, 2016 marked six months since we launched MXRevShare last year on November 1. I strongly recommend that you join MXRevShare as soon as possible if you have not joined already. This new business will be the largest and most successful MX business ever and the mo... 
Sun Feb 14 01:07:12 2016 EST
Yes 2.5% Daily Share Again At MXRevShare
February 14, 2016   Global MXR Members:   Happy Valentine Day!   As my gift to you on this special day, I am returning the daily share to 2.5% FIXED from today.   As long as you the members support my YEAR 2020 VISION to have one million members worldwide by the year ... 
Wed Jan 20 20:28:49 2016 EST
Top Member Cycles With MX9 Again And Earns USD9000 Again
MX Global Members,   Our number one top MX worldwide earner, Janus Nowak from Germany, has cycled again with MX9 and earned USD9000 commission again with MX9. This is his THIRD cycle with MX9. Wow!   Janus builds his global MX empire one person at a time and he earns hundreds of t... 
Thu Dec 10 21:17:20 2015 EST
MX Revenue Sharing
Greetings MX500 Members,   This message is to update you on the progress of our newest MX home business: MXRevShare.   It is now forty days since the launch of MXRevShare on November 1 and as of today we have 6,055 members from more than fifty countries worldwide and we have grossed... 
Fri Oct 9 20:59:54 2015 EST
Pre-Launch of MX Revenue Sharing
MX Global Members:   Pre-launch has just begun for the new revenue sharing online advertising platform that compliments the existing MillionaireX online home business programs: MXREVSHARE.   Joining is free!   http://mxrevshare.com/?r=join   The full official launch is... 


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